The Friends of St Mary’s

The Friends have a Vision for the work of St Mary’s in the community which we serve.

“The Friends of St Mary the Virgin, Reculver, aim to conserve the existing building which forms part of the heritage of the ancient community of Reculver, and aim to develop facilities which will serve and support the needs of the whole of this rapidly growing community in the 21st Century and beyond.”

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With this vision in mind we propose:

On the north side of the church, linking with the church itself, we would construct a “Chapter House”. Its main purpose will be to serve the needs of the community.

It would be used by the church congregation on Sundays, and for mid-week activities, but it will be principally a means of reaching out in love to the wider community - an act of Friendship Evangelism.

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The point of the new building:

Once the building is available it must be used.

It is not intended to be a wonderful project, that will attract a blue plaque on the wall, and then be treated as a shrine to be preserved.

It is to be a working and serving building, reflecting the desires and aspirations of the congregation, church, and wider community that will have provided it.

There will be facilities for “all sorts and conditions of men” and women and children (with the exception of anything connected with the occult).

We envisage the following groups, organisations and activities making use of the premises; (in no particular order and certainly not an exhaustive list)

All of these serving the disabled community too by provision of excellent access, toilets, Braille, sound system etc.

Will YOU share the dream?

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The Friends of St Mary’s

C/O Mrs Judy Challis

70 Blackburn Road



Telephone: +44 (0) 1227 361255

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Donations, pledges and bequests are welcome - please consider making a donation today.

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